LDF – Southbank Centre take two

On sunday after work I persuaded a friend to come with me to visit the Southbank Centre again to see the last of the London Design Week exhibitions we could catch before it ended.

I also took the chance to take a couple of photos from the exhibits I had already seen to add to my older post about the LDF at the Southbank.

First we went to Designersblock 16 in the Festival Undercroft. This show was even more laid back than design junction. No tickets or signing up was necessary, you just walked in. The space was much smaller and more basic, but that all added to the more casual and less business like feel to it. Here were really young designers and companies fresh out of school or just starting up, so things were a lot less polished and more low tech and innovative. It was a mix between installation art and product.

The lighting was pretty bad, extremely dark in some corners, but with harsh glaring lights in others, and my phone has a rather primitive camera on it so many photos were unusable.

ldf_southbank_01small ldf_southbank_02small ldf_southbank_16small

ldf_southbank_03small ldf_southbank_04small

ldf_southbank_05small ldf_southbank_06small ldf_southbank_07small

ldf_southbank_08small ldf_southbank_09small ldf_southbank_10small

Three things that stood out to me where:

ldf_southbank_11small gorgeous porcelain lights with reliefs of urban landscapes decorating them by Beth Lewis-Williams.

some pretty neat bags that unzip to become flat to make it easier to store them and travel with them by Enrique Soler.

And lastly an installation piece slash performance by Keira Rathbone who creates art using a typewriter. Seeing as design has now become obsessed with writing and fonts, but also with the vintage and the old, it was only a matter of time for someone to come up with the idea of creating art using a typewriter. The results are really quite beautiful.

And why, yes, I do have chopsticks in my hair.

ldf_southbank_13small ldf_southbank_12small

ldf_southbank_15small ldf_southbank_14small

And then we went to see the International Design Pavilions in the Clore Ballroom. I wasn’t really very impressed by what I saw there. Maybe it was just overload from seeing so many things in one week, maybe it was just tiredness, but I kind of whizzed through this one just taking a couple of photos.

ldf_southbank_20small ldf_southbank_21small ldf_southbank_22small ldf_southbank_26small

The most interesting thing were the folded dogs. From what I gathered a bunch of artists and designers where commissioned to design a dog each. Kind of like the cows and pigs and eggs we have seen around cities from time to time.

ldf_southbank_25small ldf_southbank_24small ldf_southbank_23small

And that is the end of LDF for this year. It was nice to start it out and finish it off at the Southbank and the Royal Festival Hall, some of the best public spaces in London. It is one of the places I visit to remind myself why living in London is so cool.


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